Sino Intelligence

Break down The Wall — social media intelligence on the Chinese stock market

Wait, why?

China represented 15% of the global stock market capitalisation with USD10 trillion in 2015, and is increasingly influencing regional and global stock markets.

Knowing what drives this key market is an information edge currently locked behind local knowledge and language barriers.

70% of Chinese investors are retail investors. They all talk. Sino Intelligence unlocks the secrets behind the Great Wall by analysing the social media buzz and telling you which stocks are hot right now.

Amazing! How are you doing this?

Our advanced AI scours the Chinese internet to find where Chinese retail investors are having their conversations.

The AI continuously monitors their discussions and crunches the data to figure out what they're currently excited about.

A slightly less advanced AI then generate fancy reports so you can easily tell what stocks are being talked about the most, trending and what sentiment Chinese retail investors hold.

I'm Ready!

Great! Both our AIs are so excited!

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Both our advanced AI and less-advanced AI are still growing up. We therefore have to limit the number of subscribers to 100 during early access so they can get enough rest. Don't worry, if you miss the early access we'll add you to a waitlist and let you know when our AIs have grown up.